Return Of The Wall Street –Donald Trump Actions

Donald Trump

The Government of Donald Trump has announced various executive actions to bring a new era for the Wall Street. Trump came up with these actions after meeting with business leaders. The meeting was headed by JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon, Chief of the biggest bank in the US and Stephen Schwarzman Chief of Wall Street. Trump’s Wall Street regulator helped for the friendly era of Wall Street. Check it out on the executive actions taken By Donald Trump to bring back the Wall Street into action.
To revive the financial situation of the Wall Street Donald Trump and his government officials worked on the ways to regulate the functioning of Big banks and the Wall Street. He formed an executive group of members to come up with regulations that would revive the Wall Street and bring it into action.

The members of the group signed the core principles that helped to regulate the financial system of the United States. The executive action was based on the evaluation process of the weak Wall Street and put it back to work. The Government came up with various regulations to manage the financial crisis. The laws of the group made the banks to work as just as utilities and the rules helped the bank to function effectively. This helped to improve the economy of the country.

The order stops the implementation of regulations and fiduciary responsibilities on various financial matters. Trump has seen the Wall Street and the banks in a different economic perspective. This forced him to come up with specific executive actions to revive the Wall Street. Various other people in his administration recommended the decision of the executive actions suggested by the Trump Government. Steven Mnuchin, Treasury Secretary and chief of the OneWest Bank is the chief economic advisor for the Trump Government. Wilbur Ross, an equity billionaire, is the Commerce Secretary of the Trump Government. Stephen Feinberg, a private equity billionaire, is expected to join his government soon.

The rally of the stocks of the Wall Street and big banks continued during the rule of the Trump Government. Thus to revive the Wall Street and the big banks Trump government came up with various executive actions. The actions of his government made the banks working. The banks based on the executive actions stopped lending money to entrepreneurs to roll back the financial situations.
The White House came out with several financial reforms along with the Congress. The Government also started to work on the ways to reform the financial situation of the big banks and the Wall Street.

The main action taken by the Trump Government was on the changes in the speculative proprietary investments. This helped in making profits for the big banks. Some people criticized the action taken by the Trump government.

The reforms suggested by the Trump government made it possible to fuel the profits of big banks and the Wall Street. The Government was able to come up with a competitive edge on the financial market of the state that is transparent, orderly and proper.