Facts About Sclerotherapy Los Angeles


Sclerotherapy Los Angeles is one of the most preferred vein treatments these days as it is highly effective. In this treatment, usually, salt water will be injected into the veins that will cause them to swell and then stick together. When this happens, the blood will be clotted which will make the vein a scar that in turn will cause it to disappear as the time passes on. It is necessary to abide the physician’s advice before selecting this treatment as there are certain restrictions that will not allow all the patients eligible for this treatment. Some of them are pregnant ladies who cannot undergo this procedure. If a person has prior blood clot disorders, then it is a cause of concern. In case, if the person has to undergo any bye pass surgery, then it will not be good to use the sclerotherapy.

In order to administer the saline water, a small needle will be used, and there might be cramps or a small discomfort for a little time after the process is complete. The overall time taken for this procedure to complete will lie from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. According to the overall health condition of the patient, the number of veins that will be injected with the salt water in one session will be decided by the doctor. This work will be usually done by a dermatologist or surgeon. There are certain medicines like aspirins, pain killers and so on have to be avoided two to three days before the procedure is going to take place. After the treatment is completed, it is essential to avoid severe works as it might cause more pain and discomforts. A small distance has to be covered by walk daily after the process as it will increase the blood circulation in the body.