Preparing A Sharpening Stone Correctly


One can invest in the best sharpening stone for knives and yet fail to have a sharp blade. After all, there is undeniable truth to the adage a tool is only useful if it is used correctly. In this review, you can get a gist of the application of a whetting stone. In the article here the talk will be about using the sharpening stone correctly to create a very sharp blade. No matter which stone you use, be it oil, water or India stone, the prep that they need is the same. Even the use of the stones is very similar.

To begin, take a damp cloth and keep the stone on it. A wet towel will work well too. Both the fabric and stone should be kept on a flat surface to provide stability. Because sharpening requires a to and fro motion, the stone can tend to slip. To prevent any sliding movement, it is vital to have a flat surface with a good grip. If you have invested in a stone that needs lubrication, the next step should be to do so. Some rocks require water as a lubricant while others need water.

The critical point to keep in mind is to continue using the same lubricant. One should never switch to another lubricant after the first use in any circumstances. Another key issue is always to use the recommended lubricant. If the stone is meant for oil, then use that and not water. Also, apply the oil that has been advised and not any other. Any oil that is used to prepare food like olive or vegetable is not to be applied on the stone. If the stone doesn’t need any lubricant, like a diamond stone, then do not use one. Always check the instructions or guide before using a whetting stone for the first time.
When it comes to the application of the lubricant, the best method is to put a small line of it in the middle of the stone. Let’s say the stone needs water, then make a small section of it in the center and then spread it by gently massaging it over the stone. The stone is now thoroughly prepared for sharpening your kitchen knives. Begin by using the coarse side of the stone first. This side is the fastest path to bring any blade back to shape.

As a conclusion, we would like to reiterate the value of sharp kitchen knives. Most people do not realize the importance of keeping the blades sharp. They not only make for more comfortable and faster cutting but also ensure that the knives last longer. Yes, the daily performance is impacted, but a well maintained and regularly sharpened knife can have a longevity that can surprise the most seasoned chefs. It is necessary to keep the blades sharp if you want a safe kitchen that doesn’t have any mishaps because dull knives cause cuts and accidents frequently. Invest in a good sharpening stone and be protected.